Monday, November 19, 2012

Second Time's the Charm

About a month ago I attempted to go out as a full woman but do to getting overly excited only made it to the door. And after putting off again and again, I decided today would be the day. Started out today taking a bath using feminine soap like normal and made sure I was as smooth as possible. I tend to only let my hair grow on my head and arms so pretty much clearing the little hair off my arms. While drying off I used some feminine deodorant and polished my finger nails darkish pink-red, Peru-B-Bery by OPI. After my nails and I was dry. I put on some panties with a maxipad so no accidents this time.Then bra with breast forms, off black pantyhoses. some shapeware with hip inserts, low cut cheetah top, black pants, and some four inch heels. I put pm some light makeup: foundation, blush, mascara, and a lip gloss since it was the day time. Finally to top it off some hoop earrings and a wig.

The purpose of this trip was to buy some more pantyhoses. So I drive to One Hanes Place for that. It is pretty much a place that sales mainly underwear. Usually men don't go there even though they do sell a few things for men. I drive for about 20 minutes then I get to the parking lot. I park in the back so I can transfer all the things from my coat to my purse. Had to carry a purse since pants don't have pockets. Switch from my driving shoes to my heels. I can drive in heels perfectly fine but it is an easy way to scuff them. I take the long walk across the park lot without the cover of night this time. I go in and greeted by the saleswoman and asked do I need help finding anything. I politely decline in probably a voice a little to deep. Need to work on that. Found my pantyhoses, paid, and left without an issue. Succuss but after doing all this it would be a shame to go home just like that.

So I go a few stores over to Rack Room Shoes. I go in and it has a decent amount of people in there. I look around the store when a salesman asked did I need anything I told him just looking at the moment and he said ok then he told me he loved my shoes and where did I get them. I said in a soft voice this Shoe Dazzle. I finally found one shoe I like and he told me that those were some of the newer ones and they had a BOGO sale.

I did like how they looked but didn't like the feel of the shoe. But I did love being waiting on, try heels on, and being treated like a woman. While trying those on he showed me some higher heels they had if I wanted to try them.

And since he did I try one them on which I did consider. Finally I tried on a pair of ankle boots which I had to restrain myself to not buy. 

More shoes are not in my budget at the moment. After that I left the store and headed home. I had a great time day.

I can't help but wonder did he see though my illusion. I mean he was very nice to me but seemed overly nice too. And the place did have a good 10+ people in it. Do men normally compliment a woman's shoes. Did he just want to talk to me because a crossdresser probably made a boring day more interesting? Was he a closet crossdresser that admired my courage? I only say this because I thought it might be kinda of cool to work in a women's shoe store. This one probably isn't true but was he hitting on me. I mean I think I did a pretty good job and outfit wise looked pretty good. I am probably over thinking it and he was just doing his job.


MommysSlave said...

What a great experience, Alexis! I wish I had your courage. It's hard to say what the guy at the store was thinking. On the one hand, he probably saw a well dressed woman and thought that you would probably have quite a shoe collection and that he could make a decent commission, but he was probably also interested in the crossdressing part as well, after all, what kind of man gets a job at a woman's shoe store unless he has a shoe fetish or likes wearing them himself? Hopefully this gives you enough courage to try more things en femme, I love hearing about them!


Anonymous said...

How exciting... congrats!! Maybe you'll have me trying it next!