Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shopping Regrets

Last post I mention I bought some heels to wear out but chicken out. I was really excited about doing it but got nervous. So last night I noticed a blouse at their online store that looks masculine from a distance but feminine up close and wanted to try it on. This time I said I was going to do it. I started with a bra and panties with a maxi pads in them. The bra was to see would the shirt show off bra straps and I made sure I wore a pad just in case I got to excited during this. Plus it helps give me a smooth front. Next came a pair of the new pantyhoses I bought the other day. I placed on a male dress shirt which besides my coat was the only male thing I had on. A pair of long women pants. And finally the first pair of shoes I bought doing my time away.

Right before I left I printed off what I was looking for so I would remember. As I get closer I get more nervous thinking I can always turn around if it looks like to many people. There was a decent amount of people there but not too bad. Kinda what you would expect around lunch time. I parked away from anyone who looked like they were just getting there since when I step pout my heels would be in full view for a second. As I walk towards the door I noticed heels make a loud sound on concrete. Now I have worn heels outside before, but those times were dark outside when you could see well in deserted places. I got this far so I am not leaving. I walked to the door and the entrance wasn't carpeted so loud sounds when I entered. As soon as I got in I found a carpet area so i won't make any noise. I looked around the women section for a few minutes but couldn't found the top I was looking for. The only time I walked on the tiles inside was when I had to cross to different section in the women section. And every time my heels made noise. A sales associate asked did I need help. I said yes and showed her a picture. She said she didn't think they had that and asked another sales associate. Then went to check their computer. Apparently online only. And asked did I want to use the site to store. It would be free shipping if I did it there. I politely said no thanks. And continue looking for something else. I wasn't leaving without trying on something  and I wanted to take a picture. So I tried on another top instead but didn't like the fit. So I left trying to stay on the carpet as much as possible. Going back to my car I didn't care how much noise they made. I saw a woman heading towards the door and just let my heels make all the noise they wanted as i slowly walked back to my car.

And here a picture of the shoe in brown from jcpenney website to get a better look at the shoe since I don't take great pictures.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Slightly Late Happy Holiday to Everyone

I didn't plan on being gone as long as I was but really didn't do much November and most of December. I was trying to conserve my money, and still end up buying three pairs of heels. All from different places too.

The first pair is a lot more low key then I normally wear like smaller then a 3inch heel. I got them from and shipping from them really takes a long time. I could have drove 30 minutes and got them but with free shipping at the time I could wait. The reason I got them was my idea was to wear them under pants for a shopping trip in the future.

A few weeks later I was doing some shopping for some house shoes since that what one of my relatives was asking for. Of course this would be the day that Target put out some of their new shoes and all the ones in my size. Even though I was sure the quality probably won't be there. I end up getting some. And to balance out the ones I bought last time I got some that were pink, at least 5in, platform pumps. They are a little loose in the side and I really don't have anything to wear with them but they look cute. I know some of my more brave readers are wondering why didn't I test them out in the store. I did but Target has this bad habit of joining their shoes together with a tie inside the shoe making trying them on hard without removing it.

And the final pair was after Christmas. I usually just ask for money so I can get what I want and pretend that what the person got me. I was planning on wearing the first pair of heels for this trip but chickened out. One Hanes Place is mainly a women's store but has a few things for men inside. I was planning on buy some pantyhoses since I had ran my last black pair earlier that week and maybe a bra. But just ended of with some pantyhoses since the bra sale was online only. Next went to Rack Room Shoes and got a pair of open toed silver heels. I wanted closed toe but at that price I was happy with them.

Friday I went to Kohls and Burlington to look for a purse. I was really picky here since I want something inexpensive since I don't plan to use it that often and something that look cute enough for me to buy. I went to Burlington and they were putting out new ones so I decided to leave and come back later. I went to Kohls and didn't really find anything I liked. I did try on a few blouses, but didn't buy anything. Most of them wear long sleeve. Not sure why summer shoes are out but summer tops aren't. I didn't end up going back to Burlington until Saturday and this time I found a purse I liked.