Sunday, November 18, 2012


Thanks everyone for your comments from before. I definitely do want to go back to Avenue, Linda because I was treat so well. I keep checking there site hoping some cute new stuff comes in to give me a reason to go back. Mainly the shoes in the past they have has some really cute shoes I wanted current none really stand out. As for the Kohls trip, I do eventually plan on trying that again. Tricia you are so right I am glad that happen outside the store. If it happened inside not really sure what I won't have done. And you are right Sara maxipads might be a good idea if you are prone to getting overly excited. I know I will have one on next time.

Which leads me into this post. I was running low on maxipads so I decide to get some more from CVS. I wore all feminine clothes for it minus my coat. It wasn't close to my other two trips but this was just a mini trip to get stuff for a real trip. Wore women's dress shirt, pants, panties, pantyhoses, and heels for this. It is dark and raining slightly so not many people here. I look and see a red box on one side and think people tend to go to those so don't need to park there. I go around to the other side near the front door. Step out of the car which show off my pantyhoses and heels nicely. Adjusting my pant some only to notice a girl on smoke break that I completely didn't notice.The way I noticed her is she said hi while I was adjusting my pants so I can help but think she got a clear very of me wearing heels and pantyhoses. I just find it funny I went all way around the parking lot not to get noticed when getting out only to get noticed. That was the most eventful part after that just went in. Went to go get the maxipads and this is one of those stores that has part carpet and part flooring so people probably only heard the sound of my heels in two places and not for very long. Paid and left. The next place I go to should be a lot more exciting then this trip, but all and all still a little exciting.

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