Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Shopping

Yesterday was a fun shopping day. I was planning on going to JCPenney weekly one day sale. My mom wanted me to take her somewhere which could have interfere with my plans but I thought it was close enough I could do both. So after I dropped her off. I went in to browse. I had an idea what I was looking for like this green top and white capris, but couldn't seem to find it. I had saw it at another JCPenney the previous week. I then looked at one of the ads to see if it was in there but found something else that looked nice. I eventually found it in the womens section. I got the smallest size I could find but was too big. I knew I was a Misses size but didn't see them there. So I just browse in Misses until I found something else that looked good. A top with a few different colors in it and a brown skirt. And went to try them on. This was a big step for me because I have tried woman jeans on before but never anything else. I was so proud of myself. Too bad I didn't put anything in my bra to give the illusion of breasts. But didn't want to appear like I was stealing by stuff a bra with something. I scan them both just to conform they were on sale and they were. The checkout lady said these where nice. I said thanks. She asked who helped me pick this out. I told her I did it all alone. She said I could be honest with her. And told her again it was all me. And she said I had great taste and come again.

Not sure if she thought they were for someone else or me. Anyways it was a pleasant experience. Oh and pick my mom up a little bit later just in time. In fact, I was about 5 minutes early.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Past Mistakes - Prom Dress

While reading Tricia's latest entry, I thought about one of my past mistakes. Wishing that I attempted to have a prom dress let out. I had found a pretty red prom dress from a second hand store. The checkout girl already knew it was for me since she commented on it several times and I had told her.

Checkout Girl "You got to be kidding is that for you"
Most 19 year olds don't go to second hand shops and buy only a prom dress
Me "Yes, it is for Halloween"
I know an over used lie. But it was for Halloween plus every other day I want to wear it.
Checkout Girl  "What do you plan on going as Miss Congeniality?"
Then she brought other employees into the conversation. A guy and the girl. They didn't tease any.
Checkout Girl  "I just can't see why a guy would want were a dress I always hated wearing them."

The conversation was longer but those where the key points that stuck out. The plus side she did knock off a few dollars off the price. About $10 for 10 minutes of embarrassment. Even though very embarrassing while it was happened but felt great reflecting back on it on the ride home. That day I learned prom/formal dress seem to run small and couldn't get it to zip all the way up. I probably should have just tried it on. Since they already knew it was for me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Heels - Dancecard

I just hated when the item you order is already in your town that morning but it takes them an extra day to get it to you. I guess that what I get for being cheap on shipping. So no heels for me yesterday. But today I received my latest shoe purchase from Nine West.

They are harder to put on then I thought when not wearing hoses but since I wear hose most of the time it is not a big deal. Just a little extra time when I want to wear them with bare legs. Now I just need to figure out a color of pantyhoses that goes better with this shoes. Don't think dark brown is the one.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Beginning

I think it is about time I actually did something with this blog. I forgot why I originally signed up, but I think it had something to do with yahoo stopping yahoo 360 a few years back. Anyway how I spent today trying to pretty up my page. It was fun once things started working like I wanted them too. Hopefully I will keep this updated with all my female activities in the future.