Sunday, October 16, 2011

SC BOGO 2: Pictures and Comments

Both of the shoes where a little different than I normally get. I was to lazy to take pictures the night of post. But finally got around to it. These where the first pair the female cashier (person 1) start looking for the size for and couldn't find it for a while. It was at the bottom where she looked but the color of the size on the sticker part does blend in with the bottom of the shoe. She said they were cute since she did look at the shoe a while. I just want things because they looked interesting with the chain.

These where the second pair which the male cashier (person 2) was looking at which had a much more visible size on the bottom of the shoe. He asked girl by the saving wheel (person 3) her opinion of them. I don't really like how big the opening is, but had these in mind for when wearing jeans.And like I they are super cute with jeans.
I agree Linda had it been two girls I probably would have easily told them. I might even went for it if it was just the two cashiers (girl and guy). I just am glad he didn't press the issue after I told him no. I so thought he was going to ask who are they for, but maybe realized I didn't want to talk about them since I didn't say they were for me. I normally don't do BOGO either but that is usually because of money or not finding two pair I really like at the same time. But had those two not occured a lot then it probably would have been the part about BOGO making things more obvious. I think the experience at Payless a few weeks before where I had to exchange a pair of heels made me a little braver.

It was pretty exciting Tricia. And I actually already ready to go back but trying to restraint myself. If I went back I would end up buying something else. There is something already that I kinda of want. Buying from male cashier might be harder because we are looking at the gender's face that we are turning our back on.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shoe Carnival BOGO

One day I was looking at Shoe Carnival in the woman section oh course. And I couldn't decide if I really wanted a pair. And a stock girl asked if she help me find a certain color or size. I told her no thanks I was just looking and left shortly after. I thought I had a five dollar coupon at home and might get them the next day. I go home to find it won't work for me. The purchase had to be more than $40 I thought more than $25. Got confused with JCPenney coupon. But they also had a BOGO sale. Buy one get one 1/2 price. So I go their the next day and get those shoes plus another pair. And guess who did I see the same girl. She asked came back for those? And I told her yes. She smiled and continue stocking or what ever she was doing. I get to the check out and there is a line that split into to cashiers. A guy and girl. I don't know why but I get nervous buying feminine things from guy cashiers. Luckily I get the girl cashier and if you ever been there you know they check both shoes to make sure they are the same size. She can't seem to find the size. And the guy decides to help her and look on the other pair. Both seem to like them. He asked one of the girls what she thought about a pair. There were three people(two girls and a guy) up there all together. The girl he asked said she like them but preferred them in black. I got blue because didn't have a blue shoe. Then he asked me were they for me.I would have said yes if their was one maybe two but three people. I couldn't do it and said no. Of course I sure he knew it was a lie since they were size 11, I was buying two pairs, and used a coupon. I still feel bad I lied since there was no need too.

What reminded me of that was the silver polish on my toenails. I had picked it because thought it would go well with both red and blue shoes. Now time for a new color.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Haven't really decided the best way to handle comments. As a response in a normal entry or in the comment sections. Currently posting them in the comment sections.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Day Another Sale

This one is a little late but it happened two weeks on a Friday. JCPenney was having a sale. Don't really mean to over promote them like it is the only store I go too. I just like them for the combination of prices and how the dressing rooms are set up. I don't like store with an attendant hanging around the dressing room. Last time I wished I could have had breast forms to see how something looks so this time I placed some of my smaller cheaper ones in my pocket and wore pantyhoses, panties, and a bra under my male clothing like normally. I looked around and saw this pretty red dress which is the only thing that really caught my attention. Took it to the dressing room, off came my male clothes, inserting the breast forms, and tried it on. It looked great but would have looked better if I had a girdle on since it was pretty form fitting. Something else I guess I need to start wearing for shopping. It was original $70 but on sale for $40. I liked it but not that much. Plus they seem to be were going to have a big sale Saturday. Came back the next day and what do I find. Dress is $30 and $5 off with the purchase of $25 or more. So all said and done I got it for about $27 with tax.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shoe Sizing

I been looking Komet Platform Pump at Payless for about a week with no luck. I went to three locations and couldn't find it at all. So I tried my first purchase from I got it yesterday and it was a beautiful shoe but I keep slipping out of my size 12. After all that to find a size 12 platform pump and they are too big. So I looked at there return policy. No exchanges online only returns to exchange you have to go to a store. I wish I read about that before hand. So I go to the one store I missed before and what do I find these shoes size 11 and they fit what luck. I asked the sales girls to hold these for me while I go the car to get the ones I want to exchange them with which I did quickly. I seemed nervous to her which probably made her think they were for me even if it wasn't obvious enough already. But running in 100 degree heat will make you out of breathe quickly. She told me she loved the shoes. I made the exchange and didn't have to go though all the time with waiting for them in mail. I also tried on an 11 at target just to see something and it seems I can fit 11 now. This opened up a lot of new styles for me so I am really happy now.

After this discovery yesterday, today I went to Shoe Carnival and got a pair of Madden Girls in size 11. And they fit as well.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Dressed Up

A few things have happen since last time I wrote. On July 1st, my new wig came in. Problem is I was doing things with my family most of the time through the 4th which didn't allow me much time to try on my wig.

After I finally tried it on the bangs were very long so I thought maybe I should try to cut my first wig. That was a big mistake. One because I try to do it without a wig holder and two because I used normal scissors not scissors for cutting hair. But live and learn. It doesn't look to bad if a comb it in a certain way.

Here a picture of me in the outfit that I got on June 26th and the new wig.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Shopping

Yesterday was a fun shopping day. I was planning on going to JCPenney weekly one day sale. My mom wanted me to take her somewhere which could have interfere with my plans but I thought it was close enough I could do both. So after I dropped her off. I went in to browse. I had an idea what I was looking for like this green top and white capris, but couldn't seem to find it. I had saw it at another JCPenney the previous week. I then looked at one of the ads to see if it was in there but found something else that looked nice. I eventually found it in the womens section. I got the smallest size I could find but was too big. I knew I was a Misses size but didn't see them there. So I just browse in Misses until I found something else that looked good. A top with a few different colors in it and a brown skirt. And went to try them on. This was a big step for me because I have tried woman jeans on before but never anything else. I was so proud of myself. Too bad I didn't put anything in my bra to give the illusion of breasts. But didn't want to appear like I was stealing by stuff a bra with something. I scan them both just to conform they were on sale and they were. The checkout lady said these where nice. I said thanks. She asked who helped me pick this out. I told her I did it all alone. She said I could be honest with her. And told her again it was all me. And she said I had great taste and come again.

Not sure if she thought they were for someone else or me. Anyways it was a pleasant experience. Oh and pick my mom up a little bit later just in time. In fact, I was about 5 minutes early.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Past Mistakes - Prom Dress

While reading Tricia's latest entry, I thought about one of my past mistakes. Wishing that I attempted to have a prom dress let out. I had found a pretty red prom dress from a second hand store. The checkout girl already knew it was for me since she commented on it several times and I had told her.

Checkout Girl "You got to be kidding is that for you"
Most 19 year olds don't go to second hand shops and buy only a prom dress
Me "Yes, it is for Halloween"
I know an over used lie. But it was for Halloween plus every other day I want to wear it.
Checkout Girl  "What do you plan on going as Miss Congeniality?"
Then she brought other employees into the conversation. A guy and the girl. They didn't tease any.
Checkout Girl  "I just can't see why a guy would want were a dress I always hated wearing them."

The conversation was longer but those where the key points that stuck out. The plus side she did knock off a few dollars off the price. About $10 for 10 minutes of embarrassment. Even though very embarrassing while it was happened but felt great reflecting back on it on the ride home. That day I learned prom/formal dress seem to run small and couldn't get it to zip all the way up. I probably should have just tried it on. Since they already knew it was for me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Heels - Dancecard

I just hated when the item you order is already in your town that morning but it takes them an extra day to get it to you. I guess that what I get for being cheap on shipping. So no heels for me yesterday. But today I received my latest shoe purchase from Nine West.

They are harder to put on then I thought when not wearing hoses but since I wear hose most of the time it is not a big deal. Just a little extra time when I want to wear them with bare legs. Now I just need to figure out a color of pantyhoses that goes better with this shoes. Don't think dark brown is the one.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Beginning

I think it is about time I actually did something with this blog. I forgot why I originally signed up, but I think it had something to do with yahoo stopping yahoo 360 a few years back. Anyway how I spent today trying to pretty up my page. It was fun once things started working like I wanted them too. Hopefully I will keep this updated with all my female activities in the future.