Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Day Another Sale

This one is a little late but it happened two weeks on a Friday. JCPenney was having a sale. Don't really mean to over promote them like it is the only store I go too. I just like them for the combination of prices and how the dressing rooms are set up. I don't like store with an attendant hanging around the dressing room. Last time I wished I could have had breast forms to see how something looks so this time I placed some of my smaller cheaper ones in my pocket and wore pantyhoses, panties, and a bra under my male clothing like normally. I looked around and saw this pretty red dress which is the only thing that really caught my attention. Took it to the dressing room, off came my male clothes, inserting the breast forms, and tried it on. It looked great but would have looked better if I had a girdle on since it was pretty form fitting. Something else I guess I need to start wearing for shopping. It was original $70 but on sale for $40. I liked it but not that much. Plus they seem to be were going to have a big sale Saturday. Came back the next day and what do I find. Dress is $30 and $5 off with the purchase of $25 or more. So all said and done I got it for about $27 with tax.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shoe Sizing

I been looking Komet Platform Pump at Payless for about a week with no luck. I went to three locations and couldn't find it at all. So I tried my first purchase from I got it yesterday and it was a beautiful shoe but I keep slipping out of my size 12. After all that to find a size 12 platform pump and they are too big. So I looked at there return policy. No exchanges online only returns to exchange you have to go to a store. I wish I read about that before hand. So I go to the one store I missed before and what do I find these shoes size 11 and they fit what luck. I asked the sales girls to hold these for me while I go the car to get the ones I want to exchange them with which I did quickly. I seemed nervous to her which probably made her think they were for me even if it wasn't obvious enough already. But running in 100 degree heat will make you out of breathe quickly. She told me she loved the shoes. I made the exchange and didn't have to go though all the time with waiting for them in mail. I also tried on an 11 at target just to see something and it seems I can fit 11 now. This opened up a lot of new styles for me so I am really happy now.

After this discovery yesterday, today I went to Shoe Carnival and got a pair of Madden Girls in size 11. And they fit as well.