Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heels in public

Hi everyone sorry again it has been so long since I last posted. I recently went to a Nine West store to get some plain blacks heels. And by recently I mean 3 monthes ago again sorry. I went there and spent a little time looking. I was asked did I need any help I said no. Then I spent a little more time looking. She came over to ask was a shopping for a present for someone. I guess my answer should have been yes. But I told her no. I guess that didn't leave much room for them being for anyone but me. I eventually decided on a black patent 4inch heel. She told me they a BOGO going on when I was checking out but I said didn't see anything else I wanted.

I told that story to bring you up to speed. Lately I have been trying to wear heels as much as possible in public both as a male and a female and those are the heels I have been wearing. In DRAB I have been to Walmart, Kohls, Target, JCP, Dillards, CVS, and probably some more I am forgetting. In DRAG Burlington, Shoe Carnivel, and DSW. I have been wearing them so much I have wear damage to them.

I am not sure which I get more nervous about doing now. My DRAB look if I can even called that since I am still wearing mostly female clothes is male shirt or not obvious female button skirt, female slacks that cover my heels mostly when not walking, bra and panties, pantyhose, and heels. Very manly *giggle*. The only part that makes me nervious if I take big steps my heels defintely show. So I must take short feminine steps in order not to show my heels. Then there is the wind. If there is some wing chances are it will reveal both my hoses and heels. It has done it with people around when I walking into or out of a store. Only once did I hear a giggle. Not sure if it was toward me or not. Then there is my DRAG look which is pretty close to that for now except pants show more of my heel, body padding, jewelry, ovious feminie top, polish, makeup, and wig. This feels safer when I do it well but always afraid someone or mulitple people will see through it.

I really want to wear skirts and knee length dresses more in public but try to blend in with women. Most women right now are into shorts, flip flops, and maxi dresses. All of which I dislike. The look I been wearing could be business wear for a woman so I think I don't stand out too much yet.

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