Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shopping Regrets

Last post I mention I bought some heels to wear out but chicken out. I was really excited about doing it but got nervous. So last night I noticed a blouse at their online store that looks masculine from a distance but feminine up close and wanted to try it on. This time I said I was going to do it. I started with a bra and panties with a maxi pads in them. The bra was to see would the shirt show off bra straps and I made sure I wore a pad just in case I got to excited during this. Plus it helps give me a smooth front. Next came a pair of the new pantyhoses I bought the other day. I placed on a male dress shirt which besides my coat was the only male thing I had on. A pair of long women pants. And finally the first pair of shoes I bought doing my time away.

Right before I left I printed off what I was looking for so I would remember. As I get closer I get more nervous thinking I can always turn around if it looks like to many people. There was a decent amount of people there but not too bad. Kinda what you would expect around lunch time. I parked away from anyone who looked like they were just getting there since when I step pout my heels would be in full view for a second. As I walk towards the door I noticed heels make a loud sound on concrete. Now I have worn heels outside before, but those times were dark outside when you could see well in deserted places. I got this far so I am not leaving. I walked to the door and the entrance wasn't carpeted so loud sounds when I entered. As soon as I got in I found a carpet area so i won't make any noise. I looked around the women section for a few minutes but couldn't found the top I was looking for. The only time I walked on the tiles inside was when I had to cross to different section in the women section. And every time my heels made noise. A sales associate asked did I need help. I said yes and showed her a picture. She said she didn't think they had that and asked another sales associate. Then went to check their computer. Apparently online only. And asked did I want to use the site to store. It would be free shipping if I did it there. I politely said no thanks. And continue looking for something else. I wasn't leaving without trying on something  and I wanted to take a picture. So I tried on another top instead but didn't like the fit. So I left trying to stay on the carpet as much as possible. Going back to my car I didn't care how much noise they made. I saw a woman heading towards the door and just let my heels make all the noise they wanted as i slowly walked back to my car.

And here a picture of the shoe in brown from jcpenney website to get a better look at the shoe since I don't take great pictures.

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