Friday, September 21, 2012

Testing my Nerves

I wanted to see how far I would be willing to go out dressed. So Today I wore all female clothes out without a wig. I am always in panties, bra, and pantyhoses so those weren't new. I wore a red blouse and black pants over them which have buttons on the opposed side for all that don't know. I am sure you all know though. And four inch stiletto heels to top it off. Plus gold polish on all my nails and the lip gloss that came with my shoe dazzle purchase from yesterday.

Next I drove to Avenue which is an all women's clothing store. Walked in and tripped up slightly due to nerves and heels. I walk to the two sales ladies and asked did they have something. She told me she thought they did and I followed her. I come down a little walked after her and she looked but didn't have the color I wanted. I believe she called me maam once but not surprising. She did asked me how high my heels were after that which I replied four inches and hiked up my pants so she could get a better look. She told me cute and showed me to the shoe section. She asked did I want to try on some shoes she recommended and I really should have just for the experience, but decline because I really didn't like them. She told me she was eventually going to by them. I looked around then thanked her and left. Great experience


Linda Marie Daniels said...

What a nice shopping trip. I'm sure you'll be going back to Avenue again since they treated you like a lady.

Anonymous said... exciting! I guess I'll have to go shopping today :)